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Rechtsanwalt Dr. Dietmar Höffner
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Dr. Dietmar Höffner, Rechtsanwalt


Welcome.  My legal practice is devoted to assisting small and medium sized business clients ...both German and International (e.g., USA, Great Britain, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Iran, Pakistan, etc.) ...navigate the complex and often contentious waters of

- Commercial and General Business Law
- Corporate Law
- Intellectual Property Law
- Bankruptcy Law
- Liability Law
- Immigration Law
- Employment Law

The orientation of my practice is firmly grounded in not only my understandings of the legal complexities facing a business but also my knowledge of the day to day economic and organizational pressures confronting a business manager. In addition to my practice as an Attorney, I have successfully managed the daily operations of two on-going businesses. I understand, consequently, the stresses and strains which demand the daily attention of the entrepreneur. The goal of my legal practice, therefore, is to provide real, timely, cost -effective and successful solutions to whatever my clients’ particular need might be.

My legal practice is consistently enriched and broadened by my highly diversified clientele base, actively engaged in the full gamut of business endeavors, ranging from on the ground storefront retailers to multi-national enterprises to online entrepreneurs. I have a firm grasp, therefore, on the full range of legal challenges and issues inherent in a variety of marketplaces.

Insofar as well over fifty percent of my clientele are foreign business seeking either to expand their operations in Germany or are start-ups and are English speaking, I am adept at providing detailed, professional counsel in their native language whether I am advising English speaking investors as to the ins and outs of the German commercial real estate market or leading delicate and politically-charged negotiations between company stakeholders in matters of corporate governance. In addition to German, English and French which I speak fluently, I also have a basic speaking foundation in conversational Spanish.

I offer my clients not only a firm grasp of the law and the external/internal terrain which they daily confront but also a skilled litigator who understands that successful outcomes are often contingent upon engaging all prospective stake- holders into constructive dialogue.

So in case you have a legal problem, concerning Germany, contact me:

Tel.: +49 30 89 54 23 11
Fax: +49 30 89 54 23 13